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Photo: © maresystems GmbH

Job vacancies – urgent need for new staff

In many advanced economies the shortage of well-qualified personnel has become a serious issue. maresystems is no exception. “We urgently need to take on more staff to service our expanding business,” says Michael Steinbach, maresystems CEO. His staff shortages are typical of the situation facing successful engineering firms in many advanced economies. “We’re having real difficulties getting qualified staff to fill our vacancies,” Michael adds.

This is really rather surprising. You’d have thought the prospect of going on regular work trips to places like Dubai and Singapore would have attracted numerous job applications. But the prospect of combining work and travel seems to be no longer as attractive as it once was.

Right now, Michael is urgently looking for a service technician who enjoys travelling to such dream destinations. And that’s not the only vacancy that needs filling fast. Michael’s back-office crew are also looking for someone who is a qualified industrial clerk and keen to join this fast-growing maritime business.

“The sooner we can fill these posts, the better”, Michael says. “Age is no barrier at maresystems. Our jobs are open to young and old – what matters is that the applicant is well qualified.” If you’re interested in applying, send your CV and any other relevant documents by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.