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As an innovative, future-oriented company enabling the digital transformation of shipping, we are always working to optimise our vista® next portfolio through new product releases, product upgrades, improved or additional features. This is where you can find out all the latest news from maresystems as well as interesting blog posts.

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What’s behind the global supply-chain problems?

31 July 2022
Lockdowns at key manufacturing hubs like Shanghai; hundreds of ships waiting at congested container ports; manpower shortages in land-based logistics chains;...
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vista® next language switch – simple and convenient

02 May 2022
Many ships these days have a multilingual crew. Although English is the generally accepted language of international shipping, not all crew members are neces...
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Job vacancies – urgent need for new staff

23 February 2022
In many advanced economies the shortage of well-qualified personnel has become a serious issue. maresystems is no exception. “We urgently need to take on mor...
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AR-enabled remote guidance: tomorrow’s support today

31 January 2022
A ship’s crew is on its own when things go wrong – unless help is available remotely. The remote guidance service we offer allows a crew to obtain expert hel...

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