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Extended options

Besides the standard features described on ship automation, vista® next offers you a wide range of options for an automated situation awareness solution tailored to your needs.


  • Cause-and-response: Pinpoints alarm cause and suggests response

  • Language switch: Allows the language to be changed while the system is operating

  • Tablet with SCADA: Always at hand to ensure uninterrupted mobility anywhere on the ship

  • Paperless printer

  • 4K UHD resolution

  • Touch control

  • Dual monitor

  • BWTS Interface

  • Vessel Performance Manager "V-PER" by Albis Marine Performance as an integrated onboard real-time performance monitoring and optimization solution to meet upcoming requirements for reducing emissions (EEXI and CII)

  • High-brightness monitor (bridge)

  • Paging interface

  • Central diming interface

  • AR glasses: A head-mounted device or a tablet for remote guidance

  • Small alarm and monitoring system (AMS) can be upgraded to an integrated automation system (IAS) with monitoring, alarm, control, trends and reports functionality

Whatever upgrade options you choose, you will benefit from a high degree of reliability through German engineering and redundant architecture, intuitive user interfaces, scalable network architecture, remote support, seamless connectivity, and much more.

Remote desktop connection

vista® next offers you a remote desktop control option that supplies you with system support, remote analysis and troubleshooting by our service experts via a cyber-secure real-time shared desktop. Our TeamViewer-based desktop sharing tool consists of a VPN router, software and key switch to control the remote access via an encrypted connection and two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorised access.

This option not only gives you direct access to technical specialists but also saves on travel costs and time and is good for the environment. Besides reducing pollution, remote working lowers the carbon footprint by minimising the need for travel.

For more details of this remote desktop connection just get in touch.

AR support

Augmented reality (AR) is now a tried-and-tested technology with proven benefits. We give our clients the option of purchasing smart glasses to enable remote guidance. A crew member on your ship – whether in the machine room or at any other onboard system – simply puts on the smart glasses to enjoy a reliable and redundant communication solution. These smart glasses enable hands-free working so your crew can safely enjoy remote assistance, step-by-step workflow guidance and pick-by-vision. In any hazardous environment on a vessel these smart glasses are absolutely invaluable for safe remote maintenance. Easy-to-use mobile-enhanced AR tools are also available for smartphones and tablets. All you need to profit from our AR smart glasses is a stable Wi-Fi/internet connection.

AR is the future of marine field service. maresystems gives you the future today.

For more details of how you can benefit from our AR support contact us direct.