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As an innovative, future-oriented company enabling the digital transformation of shipping, we are always working to optimise our vista® next portfolio through new product releases, product upgrades, improved or additional features. This is where you can find out all the latest news from maresystems as well as interesting blog posts.

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maresystems a member of Maritime Cluster Northern Germany

09 January 2022
Creating a platform for Northern Germany’s maritime economy; harnessing its forces; initiating collaboration; speaking with one voice for the maritime econom...
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Supporting the Lighthouse Foundation

06 December 2021
maresystems – our name alone is a commitment to sustainable development. “mare”, the Latin word for sea, stands for what is by far the largest eco-system on ...
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Electronic components in short supply worldwide

11 November 2021
Container shipping out of synch, congested ports, Chinese production shortfalls, chips in short supply: companies all over the world are facing difficulties ...
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A history of innovation in the service of shipping

25 October 2021
A manometer factory founded by Kurt Stein in Hamburg in 1878 soon gained a reputation for reliable pressure measurement, temperature and water level measurem...

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